Web service guard

Webserviceguard offers the webmaster an important tool in order to maximize the benefit from each site. Some of the down time in each of us website cause out of things we cannot control, the up time is the important time for us and the down time is the harmful one. The service provided by webservice will alert you on any downtime your website has.

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Web Service Guard

When you are working on your website, the most important thin g to make sure is that it will be accessible. Investing time and money on SEO efforts and content writing, using PPC and links exchange methods in order to bring the traffic to the website, you must take care on this traffic on the site. When the traffic is on the site, the efforts are to convert it into money, to make them purchase or signup. You cannot take care of all these things when you have down time on the site and it’s not accessible.

The worse case is when you are not online and do not see your website. Imagine you took a vacation and the server felt down. You have no idea and every day traffic is coming to your site, see some kind of Error message and leave. These visitors will never come again and you lose a lot of traffic and money. Webserviceguard are coming to solve these problems, providing website monitoring services.

Webserviceguard monitors your site every 5 minutes and know how to scan all kind of pages,: PHP, ASP, TCP,HTTP and many others. According to the package you purchase, you can monitor up to 20 different websites, and receive all the services on real time. With Webserviceguard you are able to modify registered services, statistics, and verification of website accessibility, technology prevention and others.

Up time and down time services like webserviceguard can offer is an important tool for every webmaster in order to track the website down times and make the best from the up times.