From time to time you will want to add features to your website or blog. In order to add these features you will need a website script. These website scripts are basically ready made programming codes which comes with installation instructions in order to make your webmaster life easier.

The next step once you get your hand on the desired script is to copy it to your web hosting server and install it into your website or blog.

There are various type of scripts in accordance to the relevant programming languages, Java Script Website script, PHP website scripts and ASP website scripts. There are other advanced type of scripts like Ruby on Rails and Ajax all basically do the same.

Date Script – Would you like to display the current date on your website? How about multilingual date for your blog? The date script is a java script tool with the easiest installation. The date script enables you to display the current time and date on your website in different colors in the following languages: English, French, Italian and German.

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The advantages of using website scripts:

  • No need for programming knowledge – the scripts come ready made with installation instructions.
  • Times Savers – Instead of learning programming languages, and learning exactly what does what and when, you get a ready made solution that somebody else worked on.
  • Cheap – usually these scripts are very cheap. You can get a website script for as low as 99 cents, sometimes even free.
  • Support – The website scripts come with full support, this means that if you get in trouble on the way, you can always contact the creator or owner of the script to get full support

There is also one big disadvantage which is not being able to adjust the script, that is, in case that you have no programming skills what so ever. This is a disadvantage but look on the bright side, you got exactly the script you wanted for your website so most likely you won’t need any adjustment made to it.

One thing you need to pay attention to when using a website script, is that the script doesn’t cause any interference or compatibility issues with various web browsers. The fact you see the website just fine in your Firefox browser doesn’t mean Internet explorer sees it the same.

There’s a variety of website scripts you can use here are a few useful ones:

If you developed a good helpful website script, or found a good one, let us know about it.

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