CDN – Speed up Your Website

It is a webmaster’s dream to attract a huge number of visitors to his/her website. However, receiving more visitors means more work for your web host. Often, the web hosting services are not equipped to handle the increasing load and cannot deliver the level of performance they had been doing before. All this bodes ill for your website’s user experience. You can end up losing most of your visitors. The only way to avoid this is to speed up your website, a feat easily possible by setting up a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

But it's not only the load, it's also about the SEO, speeding up the load time of your website can only do your ranking good, Google pays attention to the speed factors and make sure slow loading websites will stay behind while the fast loaders will get more exposure.

As the name clearly shows, using a CDN means that you have to set up a network of computers. The web pages on your website along with the content are then saved on to the network nodes. Whenever a user wants to access your website, one of the nodes delivers the entire contents of the website to him/her. As a result, the load is shared by different computers instead of a common server. This helps speed up your website considerably. Users no longer have to wait a few seconds for the web pages to load completely.

Basically, the process involves the network node ‘caching’ the particular web page a user clicks on. The web page is then distributed over the internet to the user. Regardless of the location of the person accessing the website, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds for the website to load. This improves the user experience of the website considerably and users are more likely to return to the website in the future as well.

Moreover, CDN helps speed up your website across all devices. So, whether a user accesses the website on his/her iPad or on a superfast PC, the page will load quickly. According to research, the average internet user doesn’t wait for more than 5 seconds for a page to load. You can ensure that you don’t lose out on any visitors. Also, this gives you the option to use different types of content as the website will run smoothly.

CDN will provider local caching of your website which means that it will load faster in countries where the CDN service have servers at.

As you can see, the benefits of using a CDN are numerous and can help solve many of the issues faced by webmasters today. So, where do you get the CDN services you need? You can opt for free or paid services online. The difference in quality is negligible, but the range of options available to you is wider when you use a paid service. The best free CDN services on the market include:

  • Cloudflare which is also wordpress friendly.
  • PeerCast
  • FreeCast
  • CoralCDN

The best paid services include:

  • CDNetworks
  • Microsoft Windows Azure CDN
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • MaxCDN
  • Akamai

You can choose any of these services should you want to use CDN to speed up your website. It is well worth the time and money you invest in it.