Design your website (or let others do it)

here’s no doubt that the website design is the most important factor as it most likely to determine whether the user will stay in your website or leave. The design of your website is the first impression by the users.

The best way to determine your website design efficiency is to check the bounce rate of the website and if you have a high bounce rate it means that your visitors are not browsing the pages of your websites. You can also see the avg. visit time of a visitor in your website.

If you are not a designer, it may be difficult for you to choose the right design or colors you’re your website moreover create it. Of course there are ready made themes and website templates you can use, however since the design is so important, we recommend to use a professional designer or to download some designs for your use.

Your website’s design has many aspects to it. You need to know them before choosing the right design. The design is the colors of the website, the font of your text, the way you present the menus and bars. The design contains colors, sizes, themes and pictures. Your website design is definitely something to let an expert create or simply go and download some templates of design and test them on your website.

You found out you are using a bad design? Change it! Yes, you can always change your website design, even the giants like Yahoo and MSN (Live/Bing) and even Facebook changed their website design once they found out it’s not working as they expected.

Much like content writing there are designers who specialize in websites and they will present you with mock ups until you will find the design you were looking for. Most of the designers will also help you make your design so your website will be SEO friendly (less Flash objects more textual objects).

This is highly recommended web design software you can use. Working with WebPlus X2 Website Maker will open new doors for your business with great design and additional options. The software is not simple, but once you learn to use it, your website look will be upgraded.

 WebPlus X2

WebPlus X2 Website Maker

Don’t settle for one opinion, let your friends and family have a look at your website, if you can’t (the content is inappropriate) there are webmaster or relevant forums you can show the design and get the much needed feedback.