Keyword Research Tool

In today’s competitive market you need to know what your competitors are doing in order to beat them, this is why you must use a keyword research tool and you will understand why in a few moments.

Using a keyword research tools allows you to find relevant keywords for a specific niche, but that’s not all. A Keyword Research tool gives you every bit of information you need on your competitor’s keywords, in other words you will know exactly what your competitor did in order to get to where he /she is now.

Using a Keyword Research Tool has its benefits:

  • Keyword Research – No more guessing. Google is a robot and in order to provide that robot what it needs, you need to know what it needs. A Keyword Research Tool will do the research for you and provide you with the relevant keywords you need to target in order to get top ranking.
  • PPC – If you are doing Pay Per Click campaigns, you must use a keyword research tool to know which keywords to target. This tool not only tell you which keywords you need to target it will also give you the cost per click per keyword. The more sophisticated keyword tools like Spyfu also gives you comprehensive information about your competitors’ ppc campaigns, their keywords, their ads, their budget and campaign history. This will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Traffic – If you are not using a keyword research tool you are missing the full potential of your website. Every niche is built from thousands of keywords. Most of these keywords are long tail keywords which are easier to rank high in and you will get more traffic than you are getting right now from Search Engines.
  • SEO – In order for your site to be as relevant for a niche as possible, it needs to have the relevant keywords for that niche. Search Engine Optimization is all about doing the right things for your website and the right thing is having relevant content and keywords to rank higher.

Google has its own Keyword tool which is part of Adwords, though you can use it even if you don’t have an Adwords account. This is a sufficient solution for beginning webmasters who want to learn more about their niche.

If you are looking to master a niche and get top rankings, if you are looking for a competitive edge and you want to know what your competitors are doing and how you can do better, the following tool will help you beat the others in your way to the top. Remember: You must use a keyword research tool if you wish to be better than the rest.

SpyFu Keyword Research Tool – SpyFu is one of the best Keyword Research tools there is. The reason for that is because it’s not just a keyword research tool it’s a lot more than that. Using Spyfu you will know exactly what your competitors are doing and what you should do in order to be better than them. With Spyfu you get a complete analysis of keywords, Pay Per Click analysis including cost per click, relevant keywords per niche and more.

If you know of a better Keyword Research Tool, please tell us about it.