The perfect tool to spy your online competitors !

- Learn MORE about your market and niche

- Monitor more keywords and competitors

- Reduce costs and raise conversion

SpyFu is the keyword research tool you definitely need when you are dealing with SEO and PPC. Thousands of webmasters choose SpyFu as their KW tool.If you are doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website OR you are doing PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns with any of the major search engines – there is no other better tool to use.

When i first needed a keyword tool i looked for a free option for me to use, there are many keyword research tools around and they offer the same features more or less but SpyFu is different.

Among SpyFu’s features:

  • View and download your competitor’s keyword lists directly from Google Adword’s.
  • Get the insight of your competitor’s keywords, cpc (cost per click), daily budget and more.
  • Get to see the actual campaigns your competitors are using and where.
  • Easily perform your market research within a few minutes with Spyfu.

Spyfu is not cheap but the time and money it will save you and the competitive advantage it will give you will more than cover for its costs. Here are some of the advantages of Spyfu:

  1. You get unlimited access to the advanced analytics system, allowing you to monitor the stats, to get the reports by Email and Excel and to be able to monetize them.
  2. Powerful search to use for your campaigns available for use in certain markets and per specific keyword groups.
  3. Additional tools like the top CPC (cost per click) keywords, the most searched keywords, other keywords related to your campaign and more.

I found out that SpyFu Keyword Research Tool is a real great tool for researching, learning and knowing more about your own campaign and about your competition’s ad campaigns. On a broader look it allows you to get easily explore more new markets and compete with other webmasters on existing markets with the advantage of knowledge and the added value Spyfu has to offer.

I recommend SpyFu for anyone who is trying to make money on the internet, it will broaden your horizons and give you an insight of the different markets, the competition and niches that has not been discovered yet. With constant updates and a competitive price SpyFu is recommended cost effective Keyword Research Tool with all the added values mentioned above. You will never regret working with SpyFu – Guaranteed!

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