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Whether it’s a website a blog or even a Facebook page you are trying to promote, it all comes down to the traffic that you need in order to make it all happen. Website traffic is pretty much the same as the traffic you run into when you are driving your car or taking the bus, the only difference is that it takes place online.

Website traffic is constantly evolving, once in order to get visitors to your website you had to let them type the URL (the website address of your website e.g., then came search engines, and now you can find the information you are looking for on various channels including social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), blogs, emails, text messages and advertisements with QR Codes (for mobile devices), all sending you to a website or a landing page with the information you were looking for.

If you are looking for ways to increase your website traffic you’ve come to the right place. You can get traffic for free and you can also buy traffic, it all comes down to how much time and money you are willing to invest in it.

The biggest sources for website traffic are still search engines and mainly Google. Search engine traffic is also the most targeted type of traffic as you get visitors that were looking for something specific, unlike traffic from other sources for example: a link that was places on a Facebook wall of someone, you may never know the reason for which the visitor clicked on that link and what that visitor is actually looking for.

You can get website traffic from search engines in 2 ways:

  1. Pay for it – A Search engine makes a living from displaying advertisements. You will usually see advertisements on the top of the search engine results and on the side and usually they will be relevant for the search query which makes a visitor clicking on these ads a highly targeted visitor. In order to get traffic from search engines you will either have to pay for clicks (pay whenever a visitor clicks on your advertisement) or pay for impressions (pay something every time your advertisement was displayed and not necessarily clicked).
  2. SEOSearch engine optimization is the “free” way to get targeted visitors from search engines, but is it really free? In order to rank high for a search phrase you will have to complete a lot of tasks which will cost you a lot of time and potentially money unless you are planning to do all these tasks on your own. These tasks include: Writing content, building links and other optimization tasks that you can find more information about in our search engine optimization section.

Both ways are good and you will benefit from highly targeted traffic that will bring the best results as the visitors are actually looking for your website (assuming your website is directly related to the search phrase).

Website traffic is the true challenge of every webmaster, but with no traffic the website is worthless and so this challenge is a barrier you must pass on your way to online glory.

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