Website Traffic 2015 in a Nutshell

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Today is the year 2015’s 365th day! Only hours behind 2016! We’ve been through a lot of things this year and seen tons of changes overtime. With all those trends on search engine optimize (or also known as SEO,) we can definitely say that we have survived 2015! And darn, it’s not that really easy to go through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine’s never ending algorithm changes. Sometimes, we felt that tall those changes made us tad crazy that we almost gave up on the process. But heck, we are still going strong through this year! Yes, that’s how we could describe website traffic 2015 in a nutshell.

BTG has been sifting through a lot of problems with traffic. As a matter of fact, we already dealt tons of topics, questions, queries, comments, and suggestions about traffic. You can say that we almost had a concrete idea with what traffic came up this 2015.

Now if you’d ask us why you should bother knowing 2015’s traffic summary, then you don’t really know what to expect in 2016.

According to Google’s previous trends, the things that happened on the precedent year can completely affect (or maybe influence) the traffic trends that will happen on the year that follows it. In simple terms, your website traffic trends of today can repeat tomorrow!

So based on all the things that we have already discussed here, we could simply say that online traffic in 2015 is this:

  1. Some people will do everything just to get traffic. As a matter of fact, they’ll even do black hat strategies and break Google’s rules just to get that traffic!
  2. Targeted traffic is one of the most searched traffic on the Internet. Now knowing this kinf of traffic means you’re missing a lot.
  3. Yes, targeted audience is one of the best ways to earn sure sales and conversion.
  4. You really need to do SEO if you want sure traffic on your site. Or else, you’ll be getting random traffic only.
  5. Some people still haven’t understood that traffic is everything. You cannot have anything if you don’t have traffic on your site. This is why aiming for traffic is by far the best thing that you need to do when starting a website.

So yes, that’s website traffic 2015 in a nutshell! We hope that you learned a lot from this year (especially when it comes to traffic! And yes, you can still buy traffic if you want to!

So guys! Have a wonderful day today and have a Happy New Year to everyone! – BuyTrafficGuide Staff.