Adult Traffic

The most profitable industry on the internet is with no doubt the adult industry. It’s even more popular than the online gambling industry and ecommerce. This is why there are so many websites related to that industry and needless to say many of these websites’ webmasters are desperately looking for adult traffic to meet their targeted audience.

As the competition grows it’s getting harder and harder to get targeted traffic to visit your site, especially traffic originated from search engines such as Google as you must be very good in SEO to rank high enough to get some traffic from Google as well as other search engines.

The bottom line is that in order to make money from your site you will need adult visitors that are basically everywhere but not that easy to get.

Good adult traffic is hard to find, by good adult traffic we mean the actual customers who will eventually consume the adult products you are selling whether it’s directly or through adult related affiliate programs.

Many traffic selling services claim you can purchase adult hits for your website and eventually you get left with useless junk visitors that either came from irrelevant websites (peer 2 peer) or are just pings.

The first thing you should know when buying adult traffic is your enemy, know who you are aiming at and where does the traffic originates. Some services indeed sell relevant adult web traffic from network sites in the adult genre, and the best thing would be to test these services and buy sample traffic to see the visitors’ behavior.

Some of the popular ways of getting adult web traffic to your websites:

1. Buy it – there are plenty of services who sell adult traffic. Note that Google and most search engines that accept pay per click advertisements do not allow adult ads. This means PPC is out of the question.

2. Google image search – One aspect of adult web traffic is images, you can catch the eyes of your prospect customers using the various image search services such as the google image search. You will need to SEO your site and tag your images to rank high in the image search engine.

3. Streaming Video sites – there are so many websites featuring free adult related movies and you can upload your own and have a link or mentioning on the video for your website. Video in general is a great way to get traffic to your website. Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine on the internet after Google? Now that you know, note that you can’t upload adult related content on Youtube.

4. Media buy – there are many places, forums, warez websites that you can buy ads on, some are not that expensive and you will get your ads visible to thousands of visitors, you are bound to get traffic, not that targeted but it’s still traffic.

5. SEO – the hardest way to get traffic for any industry (not necessarily adult) but also the best way of getting targeted traffic. You can rest assure the traffic you will get from search engines is the best traffic and has the best potential for conversion into sales.

To buy adult related traffic you can use some of the services offered on the Buy Traffic Guide.

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