Adult Visitors

Whenever you consider buying or looking for targeted traffic you should always think of your potential customer. Adult traffic is definitely the most competitive and hard to get as it’s also the most profitable niche online. But let’s take a closer look at what we can call adult visitors.

When we search for the typical type of adult related visitors we can usually identify them as porn seekers in several forms of media consumption (channels):

  1. Images – The fastest solution for porn consumption. All search engines have a feature in which you can search the images and find adult related images when disabling safe browsing.
  2. Video – This one is a little bit more complicated but with the incredible success of YouTube and the rise of some adult related video sites, this vast became one of the popular methods of porn consumption.
  3. Dating sites – Dating sites became the hunting ground for adult related content. There are several sites that are classified as adult dating sites with constantly increasing popularity.
  4. Social Networks, Chat Rooms, Dedicated forums – Wherever there are people you can always find porn and adult related material.
  5. Targeted sites based on specific keywords – Since this industry is the most profitable one, adult media companies took control of almost any porn related keyword with a dedicated site which eventually leads to a bigger membership based site.

Now that we know the sources of adult visitors we need to figure out how we can use them for our own good.

There are several sites offering to buy adult visitors as part of the adult category but can we really trust these sites that are mostly traffic exchange with annoying pop unders that you can find in illegal software download sites, movie sites and so on– or in other words – why does the porn connected to illegal activity?

The bottom line is that adult visitors are everywhere – not necessarily the legal age to view that type of content and not necessarily the type that will buy a membership subscription so you can benefit from the commission but they are there.

The best thing to do is to test the various sources of traffic and services offering to sell adult traffic. You can do small tests and see the quality of the traffic you can also do some SEO for some long tail keywords and use the images to catch some potential visitors – languages is always good to use – most of the webmasters are english speaking and you can take over some languages (even if you don’t speak them).

Don’t forget video content – preparing a video presentation and uploading it to one of the adult video sharing services with your URL can bring some traffic.

Finally, there are some search engines and content networks on which you can advertise on a pay per click base.

Always make sure that your landing page is relevant for your targeted adult visitors and that you offer something for free and not only sending your traffic through your affiliate links.