Improve Alexa Ranking

Looking to improve your Alexa ranking? three simple steps will raise your Alexa ranking, results within few days

  1. Boost some additional visitors to your website, using traffic services.
  2. Build instant links to your website.
  3. Buy real directory submissions with Quick list.

What is Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a company founded in 1996 with a goal to make a connection between web users and websites. Using its famous toolbar and further estimation, Alexa created a way to measure website traffic, reach, page views and other factors by visitors, by country. Alexa ranking is known world wide and webmasters use it to estimate other websites as well as their own.

How Does Alexa Traffic Ranking Works

The traffic ranking provided by Alexa is mostly based on data gathered from the Alexa toolbar. Most of the alexa toolbar users are actually webmasters who need a tool to measure websites they visit or their own website. The Alexa algorithm then knows to estimate and asses the actual ranking based on the number of Alexa toolbar users relative to the number of internet users.

Alexa traffic rank goes between 1 being the best rank to 25,000,000 being the worst. It also measures the traffic rank by country, if a website is local, its alexa rank will be high for its country and low for the rest of the world.

Why do I need to improve my Alexa Ranking?

If you’re a webmaster you should know that there are several factors determining your website’s worth. Alexa rank is one of them. While not being the only factor (Google PageRank, Website’s income, Domain Name, Age of website and so on), it’s an indication for other webmasters of how popular your website is and where does the traffic come from.

It’s important for 2 reasons: 1. Advertising and 2. Selling the site

When an advertiser approaches your website he will take a look at the Alexa ranking to see in which countries your website is popular and see an estimation of your traffic rank, that’s even before he will ask to see some proof of analytics. It’s possible to boost your alexa rank and jump from a few millions to a few thousands in a matter of days. It’s usually called a buzz but it’s certainly possible.

The same goes when you sell your site. The higher your alexa rank is, most chances you will manage to sell your site in a good price and sell your site at all.

So how do you improve your Alexa Ranking:

  1. Bring more visitors to your website (bring more traffic in general and webmasters in particular).
  2. You can use one of the buy traffic services to generate a mass of traffic in a short period of time.
  3. Advertise in webmaster forums, or a webmaster related website.
  4. There are services who are intended to improve your alexa ranking, since I have not tested any yet, I don’t trust these services.

Alexa Traffic

Alexa traffic is usually webmaster traffic, webmaster who come to take a look and examine your website from one reason or another. Whether you intend to sell your website or advertise on it, you should make sure your alexa profile which is public looks good. Keep in mind your incoming links and websites your visitors visit through your website are all visible there. Make sure you don’t expose too much information about your website as it might be risky (affiliate programs you work with, link partners and so on).

Remember every piece of information you expose to other webmasters will increase your competition and eventually hurt you.

If you know of a service intended to improve Alexa ranking feel free to share it with us.