Google Traffic – How to get Traffic from Google

Google has been the most popular search engine for a few years now, it’s also the biggest source of traffic for many websites and businesses. Are you looking for Google Traffic? If so you should read on as we will present you with  a few ways in which you can get Google traffic to your website or online business.

First we should analyze what google traffic really means:
Google is a search engine and as such you can benefit from either organic traffic (regular search results) or paid traffic (PPC – Pay Per Click) which is basically the advertisements that are presented at the top and sidebar of Google whenever performing a search.

In addition, Google has a network of partner sites that an advertiser can choose to appear on and in anyway the advertisement should be targeted to the content displayed on the site.

But that’s not all, Google also owns Youtube, the 2nd biggest search engine in the world. While Google search is used to search for information, Youtube is used to search for videos.

So now that we know what Google traffic consists of, let’s analyze the ways in which we can get Google Trafic to our online properties.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – In order to benefit from organic traffic and pay nothing for clicks, we should optimize our website to rank higher in Google for relevant search phrases. This is called SEO. It’s not easy but the results are well worth the effort considering ranking high will get you the traffic that others pay in clicks for.

Referring sites – as part of your quest for organic google traffic and part of your SEO strategy you will probably be linking from other websites and mention your website in articles and blog posts on other websites. This will get you another stream of traffic from Google. This traffic will not be direct but it doesn’t really matter. This flow of traffic will look like this:
Visitor Search Google -> Go to Site A -> Clicks on a link -> Gets to your site.
The traffic is still highly targeted but the visitor’s funnel is longer.

Paid traffic – Advertising on Google’s adwords costs money. You pay per every click a visitor makes on your advertisement on keywords you’ve chosen your ad to appear for. You can set your budget and determine the volume of traffic you need to get. Setting up an adwords account and going live with your advertisement can take minutes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. In Adwords much like in Google’s organic ranking you will need to optimize your ad so that it will get a good score. The higher your score you will pay less for clicks and rank higher in the paid results.

You Tube – Now that you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine you should know that creating and uploading your video to youtube can also take minutes. Your video will be exposed to anyone for keywords you choose and you are likely to get some views and if you optimize it nicely you might get some traffic for your website.

Now that you know the type of trafic you can get from Google, get started with optimizing your website, creating an advertisement or uploading a video because traffic = money.