How to get website traffic

There are many ways to get website traffic and here we will give a list of several of them. But the most important thing you need and we can't stress that enough is determination, motivation, creativity and hard work. We are not going to reinvent the wheel here, every advice we give you regarding how to get website traffic   is a familiar, well known advice. What you need to do is take the basics we provide and make it your own, add your own original twist to what we say.
How to get website traffic? Write search engine friendly posts and pages.
Before you even begin to link back from other website to your site, you need to make sure that your page is search engine friendly. That means you needs to target a specific phrase with each page and make sure that you have the right keyword density on the page. Make sure to use Meta tags (correctly!). Link to the page in question from other pages on your site. Link from the page to other pages on the site.
How to get website traffic? Write visitor friendly posts and pages.
This actually should be the first thing in here. Let's say that linking, Meta tags and keyword density will rank you first on the search engines (they won't). Visitors might come in; but if the content is not visitor friendly they won't stay. So you'll have high bounce rate, short time on site, and pretty quickly you will disappear to the dark land of page four on the search results. Page four pretty much grantees that you won't get website traffic. There are other reasons to write visitor friendly posts and pages, but those are for another post.
How to get website traffic? Be an active member of the community
Your website is about flowers? Write in forums about flowers and respond to relevant subjects to flowers lovers and flowers buyers. Add a link to your website so people can click it and see what you have to offer. Don't spam! Investing in the community is a long term investment that can do a lot of good. Don't blow it up by writing spam; write useful comments and a link to the relevant page not your homepage.
Get website traffic by being active in social media.
Social media is becoming more and more important when getting website traffic is concerned. Open a page on Facebook and a twitter account on twitter (and other social media sites). Post teasers that will attract people to your status or twit and add a link to tour site. People that will like what you say will share your links and the word will spread. You need to walk the fine line between being relevant and present which means publish statuses and twits frequently, and being a spammer. It is important to check statistics and see when people respond most to your statuses. That way you will know when it is best to publish.

Get website traffic by promoting it offline
When you give away fliers make sure that you include your website. When you give away your business card make sure to show your URL and invite people to your website. It is much easier now days to search on the internet, if people will know that you have a website they can search, they will search it.

There are about a hundred (probably more) other ways we could have answered the question "How to get website traffic". This is just the tip of the iceberg. Other things you can do are: make contests and surveys, built a reputation by reinventing the language of the subject you are writing on, invest in long tail phrases, tag pictures and photos to get traffic from Google image search and many other ways. We are sure will have the opportunity to talk about all of those things.
Good luck.