Buy Site Traffic

If you want to buy site traffic you have reached the right place. We work hard to make sure that all the traffic services that allow you to buy site traffic are represented here in some manner. Let's see what it means to buy site traffic and what it can give you.
Buying site traffic can help in several fronts. Like organic traffic, the traffic itself influences other factors, which improve when your site traffic increases. So you buy site traffic, let say ten thousand visitors per month – what happens now?

Buy site traffic – improve sales
Assuming for a moment that you site is excellent, impressive and eye catching, there is no reason why visitors that arrive to your site won't do the action you want them to do.
Now, if they did that and they are satisfied they are bound to come back – and there you have a repeat customer.

Moreover, if your customers like your site they will share with friends via facebook or even (if you can believe that) in a real face to face conversation. So now you have a repeat customer and a new customer. Not every visitors will do that, but out of ten thousands? Some will, and they alone will probably cover the expense of buying site traffic.

In Buy Traffic Guide you will be able to find different traffic services that offer different packages with different prices. To learn more about those traffic services and what they offer please visit our index, where we gather all the traffic services in one place. In the index you can sort the different traffic services by categories and geo-targeting.

Buy site traffic – organic links and referrals
When you buy site traffic you don't just want to bring more visitors, you want them to spread the word. If your site is good, if it give what it promises and if it is relevant people will share. That means that without you realizing it you will get links from Facebook, blogs and forums. As you know when it comes to SEO, links to your website are very important.

When we do the link building ourselves we have to be careful and to balance between quantity and quality. But when it is done by satisfied customers you just know that the links will be great and will be in a relevant website.

Buy site traffic – improve Google page rank and boosts alexa rating
When you have loyal readers and buyers who bring more customers and link to your site, all of your stats will improve. That means that your page rank and alexa ranking will improve. That of curse will increase your search engine ranking and will bring you more customers.

So, what are the advantages you get when you buy site traffic?

  • Results and fast – There’s no better way to test your website and conversion rate than buying traffic. You get visitors to your website instantly and you can make the adjustment and improve your website based on the results.
  • Improve Alexa Ranking – Alexa ranking while not being a real factor which determine the site profitability, it’s a factor used to determine a sites strength in terms of traffic. It’s important for advertisers who are interested in your website and in case you’ll decide to sell your website.
  • Targeted – If you buy site traffic from the right place, you can choose the right traffic to buy, based on categories, geo-targeting and so on.
  • You have to start somewhere – A lot of webmasters simply give up as they don’t see any traffic to their website the old fashioned way. Organic traffic (Traffic from search engines) takes time; the amount of time it takes depends on the competition of the market. There are still undiscovered niches on the internet and you can take advantage of that in a timely manner.

There are also disadvantages to buying traffic:

  • It’s not the same quality – When you buy traffic you don’t necessarily get visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. For example: Let’s say you are selling iphone ringtones, the best way to get targeted potential buyers would be to rank at the top for the keyword “buy iphone ringtones”, you can however buy traffic and you will get people that have an iPhone but are not necessarily interested in buying ringtones.
  • Neglecting SEO – Instant traffic causes webmasters to neglect Search Engine Optimization. This is especially painful if buying traffic brought no sales.
  • Cost – Buying traffic costs money that you have to pay right here right now. SEO takes time, if you have time and you can use it for SEO, its better.

It may sound like we are trying to make the process look easy, we don't. We are aware that it takes time, effort and yes, money. But the first step is to believe in your site and be committed to the process. If you buy traffic to your site you make the first step to be a successful internet marketing success story.

We can only recommend and give you the facts; we can't make the decision for you. All the facts about each traffic service from which you can buy site traffic are waiting for you in the index. Clicking on each traffic service's link will take you to their page on Buy Traffic Guide. On their page you can find the information that will help you decide who you want to buy site traffic from. In there you can also find customer reviews and the traffic service contact information.