Check Site Traffic


It’s a habit I found to bring me the most benefits as a web marketer – this habit of checking site traffic every day. If I didn’t check site traffic, I wouldn’t have known the page that gets the most views. I wouldn’t have noticed that I get surges in traffic on the weekends, or that certain keyword variations get me more traffic. I wouldn’t have known that my post two days ago has brought me a handful of hits only.

By monitoring site traffic stats daily, I am able to identify the things that drive targeted traffic to my site – things that I should maintain in order to keep traffic coming. I know the topics that get me the most website traffic and the products that get me the most sales. Knowing the What’s and When’s and How’s of my site gives me the power to create strategic actions along those lines. If one particular post drives more visitors in, perhaps another post dealing with the same theme or topic can bring me twice more traffic.

Site traffic checking tools are modern marvels. They help give direction to our marketing campaign. Imagine for a moment if we don’t have tools to check site traffic – what a chaos it would be if we’re left to making wild guesses about our site traffic all the time!

And what kinds of information should you monitor? Web analytics program typically provide many kinds of data, but webmasters agree that the following are the most crucial:

• Spikes in traffic. Google Analytics provides data about your traffic. The data is updated every time you have a new visitor. If you get a sudden increase in the number of visitors, find out why and you may be cracking the answer to your question – how do I increase my site traffic?
• Drop in traffic. Could it be the topic? Did you have a server downtime? Find out the reason why so you can minimize or avoid the same mistake in the future.
• Referring sites. Is there a site giving you more traffic than others? Is there a new source that’s giving you traffic? Perhaps you offered information that another blog finds valuable to their readers. Perhaps Article Directory X is more popular/ trusted more by Internet readers so you know where to focus your article writing campaign. The more important thing is how you encourage repeat.
• Keywords. If certain keywords don’t get you much traffic, then you focus your campaign on targeted keywords that bring better results.
• Landing page. The pages that get the most views clue you to the topic or theme that interest Internet readers the most.

Checking site traffic is only the first step. What’s more crucial is how you respond to your everyday data, what you do to improve your numbers.