Find Out Website Traffic

The standard of measure against which web marketers determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaign is traffic. Traffic is what makes websites go round. A website without traffic is like a ghost town or a grocery store after closing time. Just like a grocery owner would want their store to be filled with customers all the time, online marketers would want their site to have high traffic.

It’s not a surprise website owners want to find out website traffic. If your site is getting a huge swarm of target visitors, that means your advertising efforts are paying off. You’ve done the right things as far as marketing strategy is concerned. Whereas if you find out site traffic is low, you will need to re-examine your marketing strategies. Find out where you are lacking, and make necessary improvements.

In order to become well-informed about one’s site performance, webmasters should take advantage of web traffic statistics and analyzers. These tools make our tasks of finding out website traffic information and analysis easier and more accurate. They are available from many companies including Google.

Having site traffic analysis tools is not enough. Web marketers need to monitor and analyze their site data. Those who do so regularly have an edge over those who don’t as well as those who rarely use the process. The conclusion arrived at from the analysis will give you an idea how to run your site and campaign for it more effectively. You will know what elements of your site are effective and which ones need to be replaced or improved.

Ask any successful webmaster owner and they will tell you the same: In order for your site to make money, you have to find out the following information which can be derived from a good web traffic tool:

• Number of people who visited your site
• Where visitors are from (geographical location, country, etc)
• Average time a visitor spends on a page
• Pages that get the most views vs. most ignored pages
• Search engines used to find your website
• Keywords used to find your website
• Page errors and broken links

In other words, webmasters have to find out the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, and WHERE aspects of their e-store or blog.

Finding out website traffic information is crucial, but even more important is what you do with the information. The next step of the process is to employ methods that can help increase traffic. SEO companies would recommend optimizing your site for search engines. You do this by integrating targeted keywords into web content.

Google, on the other hand, says you need to write relevant information. Keywords play second fiddle to quality of content. Google also recommends that you build links, a process which, though effective, takes time to generate results.

These methods are important, but there’s an easier way – that is, you buy traffic from traffic services. Find out website traffic categories offered by a particular vendor, and choose based on your targeted traffic, niche, or industry.