Web Traffic Machines

Web Traffic Machines is a system for building traffic originally created by Bishop Andres an “underground internet marketer” and while this system is no longer available it’s important to note that this system consists of 10 videos and 10 ebook manuals who teach how to build traffic from various sources.

The fact is that the website traffic machines are not really traffic machines but rather known ways to generate targeted traffic from various online sources such as blogs, forums, video streaming websites and so on. You can read about most of these traffic sources on the Buy Traffic Guide and you can find other alternative traffic sources as well.

The Web Traffic Machines was sold for $97 and the bottom line is that it wasn’t worth the cost (even though this cost is not that high). Why? Internet marketers can find popular sources of traffic without reading these types of guides or watching self-produced video content.

Another important thing to note is that nothing about traffic can be automatic. You need to remember that traffic is real visitors that are visiting your site, in order to generate these visitors to your site you need to redirect them, they need to be referred to your site and this requires actions on your side. This means that it’s not really automated, and these are not “Machines” that generate this traffic.

You should stick to what’s working – good old SEO, content and social media traffic along with known sources of traffic to buy traffic (if you are looking for the short and easy way out). Looking for easy solutions will drive bad traffic to your business and this is not what you need.

A web traffic machine can be the one you build using your skills or others’ (outsource) and the sources of traffic can vary from SEO to Media buy, mobile applications and social media traffic. Everything will require maintenance as nothing is not really automated in this world but it will be worth the effort as you will be fully in control and on top of things as you should – after all it’s your business.
If you are offered the Web Traffic Machines, stay away as this product is not available nor will it become in the future.


Web Traffic Machines is one of the most amazing package of software i’ve every used. The creator of these software collection found a way to automate traffic and links from many free sources of traffic on the net.

The solutions Web Traffic Machines give you among others are:

Highly targeted traffic from MANY sources.
Unlimited Free Links.
Instant results
Cost effective marketing solution

This is simply one of the best marketing solutions i have ever seen.