Get web traffic

What ways are there to get web traffic?
We all know the usual ways to get web traffic: backward links, articles, blogs and so on. But are there any unique ways to get web traffic? The answer to that is defiantly yes. There are endless ways to get web traffic. You just need to think about them, piece of cake – right? Well, here are our suggestions to get you to start thinking about creative ways to get web traffic.

Invite guest writers:
If you want to get web traffic you usually wouldn't have gotten invite someone with his on followers to write on you website. He will share the post on his website or fan page and you will get new readers. If your site is good enough they will browse through it and eventually will become regular visitors.

Comment on current events:
If you want to get web traffic you need to be relevant, and that means update your website daily with issues that happen right know. You can link to news or comment on different sites and posts and add links to the page where you discuss the same subject. Make sure to share that page on social networks as well.

Be creative:
Not all websites are the most interesting. It is possible that it would be irrelevant for you to comment on celebrities, politics or new technology. But you need to be update in whatever filed the subject is on in order to get traffic. So, subscribe to newsletter, do a "Google alert" on relevant phrases ask news site to inform you when they publish on cretin subjects, follow other site on the subject and so on. When something new happen write about it and share – this will get web traffic.
If nothing worth writing about happens, write on something else. Write on similar subjects, make lists of "5 best…", make a survey or a questioner, try to interview someone relevant and so on. There is always something to write about you just need to think about it – that will get web traffic!