Increase Web Traffic

You may offer the best doughnuts or the most creative graphic design services, but if nobody knows about your store, it’s just like it doesn’t exist at all.

For your site to survive, it has to receive a good volume of target traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Thus, informing customers actively about the existence of your site is a must.

As Jared Sandberg aptly puts it, the Internet is designed to help consumers easily find the right information in a haystack of digital data. Webmasters should design their advertising campaign around this structure. For most website owners though, increasing web traffic is a serious challenge. They search for an elusive push button they could use to solve their traffic problems. Unfortunately, no such push button exists.

What website owners have are a diverse kind of creative ways and strategies for increasing web traffic to one’s site. These strategies range from free to costly.

Paying Your Way to Increasing Web Traffic

If you want to pay for traffic, you need a budget. How much? That would depend on the product you are going to use. Some types of paid web traffic would be costlier than others.

You need also to allot a budget for the period of trial and error. There’s a curve to learn as you seek to find out which of these products work for you. There’s no guarantee the first or second method you use will bring you substantial results.

• Pay Per Click (PPC). This is the most popular way of increasing website traffic. It delivers targeted traffic to your site, and it offers the highest conversion rate. On the other hand, it is also the most expensive.

• Cost Per Impression (CPM). You pay the traffic source a fixed price for every thousand views your ad gets. The most popular CPM product is pop under ads. It is inexpensive, yet effective in creating awareness about a topic. If you have an e-commerce site though, you may want to veer away from this strategy as it has low conversation rate.

Also, look into Pay Per View (PPV), Pay Per Text (PPT), and Media Buy as paid targeted traffic sources.

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Increase Web Traffic with Free Strategies

With “free” strategies, you will not pay for online advertising space. However, there’s really no such thing as “free” traffic. You still have to invest time (and money if you’re going to outsource the tasks to someone else) in completing tasks aimed at increasing your web visibility. Such tasks include submitting keyword-optimized articles to directories, link building, creating and posting videos, guest blogging, participating in social media, and many more.

Both methods are great and can deliver results for you. Remember though that increasing web and mobile traffic to your site is a journey. There are many paths to take so you have to be ready for all the hard work ahead of you.