Web Traffic Genius

Websites either sink or swim, depending on the web traffic they get. To get sufficient volume of traffic, a website owner has to advertise their site. The great thing about the Internet is it allows web marketers a wide variety of creative ways of promoting our business. Some of these ways are free, and some will cost you some money.

Free methods such as SEOing your website may work, but they often take time. If you want faster results, consider supplementing your SEO efforts with paid tools such as the Web Traffic Genius, an automatic back linking RSS plug-in for blogs.

How Web Traffic Genius Works

There are many methods of doing site promotion, but the goal remains the same: increase your web traffic. One of the most important methods is building backlinks. A backlink is a link that appears on another site. When a visitor clicks on that link, they are directed to your site.

When you’re just starting out in your link building campaign, it’s a good idea to have a hands-on experience with crafting links so you become familiar with the process. This will benefit you in the long run. You will develop appreciation for what automated tools like web traffic genius can do for your online business. You will have better idea how to optimize its functionalities for your needs.

A web marketer has many ways of building links. To name a few, these are: submitting articles to directories, guest blogging, leaving comments in blogs, forums, and message boards, and sharing your site URL on social networking sites.

These methods work fine, but then again, who has the time and energy to do all of these on a regular basis? Many web marketers are not able to sustain such tasks over time, which accounts for many abandoned sites on the web.

That’s where web traffic genius comes in handy ( Same for Mobile traffic and for Targeted Traffic ) . It eliminates all the manual tasks involved in submitting posts to RSS aggregators, complete with one-way backlinks to your site. RSS, or “Really Simple Syndication,” is popularly known as an SEO tool for keeping tab on the latest information on the web. However, its benefits go beyond this, and that’s something that the creators of web traffic genius tapped into. Anthony and Tim Buchalka, two heavyweights in the Internet marketing industry, leveraged RSS into a tool that can get you more backlinks easily. Consequently, it makes you more relevant in the eyes of search engines.

As saying goes, time is money. Spend less time on your link building campaign. Just set up the website traffic genius software, and you’ll have more time in your hands for other important things. If you are looking for an affordable tool that can give you great competitive advantage, then you should consider getting web traffic genius for your site.