Web Traffic Monitor

If you’re a web marketer, it is important to be in the know about your site traffic. If you don’t know how many visitors you get in a day or what your sales conversion rate is, how will you know you need to amp up your marketing strategy.

There are many web traffic monitoring tools that help let you stay up-to-date about your site statistics. They provide many kinds of information that are essential to growth of your website or online business.

Visitor Origin

As you plant backlinks in many places, you need to know which of these grow traffic for you. If one site doesn’t bring you anything substantial, why keep planting articles in those places? Save yourself the time and effort. Focus instead on what gives you results. Is your traffic coming from article directories, from Yahoo searches, from affiliate sites? A web traffic monitor lets you see what works and what doesn’t so you can pursue or drop resources as appropriate.

Viewed Pages

A web traffic statistics monitor lets you know what pages get the most visits, and which rarely get a view. This gives you a bird’s eye view of the kind of information your target customers are looking for. From there, you plan the steps for improving your web traffic.

Using the details taken from your site statistics, you can see if you are reaching your target market – the people you want to visit your site and buy your products or hire your services. You can then work to improve your advertising campaign. For instance, your target market are people living in Australia, yet your web traffic monitoring stats show that most of your site visitors are from China. Perhaps you need to change certain elements on your website. Perhaps you need to change the keywords you are using as some keywords are more popular in certain regions. You can determine this by studying and analyzing y our site statistics.

Hits vs. Conversions

Targeted traffic is good, but you need sales. You may get a million hits every month, but if you only get an average of five shoe sales, that is not good business. Leverage website traffic monitoring tools to track and analyze visitor behavior. Find out the products that get the most converts. From there, you can plot the next steps for increasing your conversion rate. Now that you know how to drive traffic to your site, you can start focusing on how to entice them to purchase your products.

Web traffic monitoring is not as hard as it sounds. Once you install the software into your site, you’re good to go. You can get cost-free or cheap programs on the web. Google Analytics is one example of a cost-free traffic monitoring program.

If you do not have such a system installed however, get one in particular and see for yourself how crucial it is to monitor your site traffic.