Website Traffic Generator

When new webmasters come across the term “website traffic generator”, they immediately think of a plug-and-play device that automatically delivers visitors to their site with a simple push of the button. Unfortunately, no software exists. If it does, competition online wouldn’t be based on one’s marketing strategy, but on how well a software works.

Web traffic generator is a loose term referring to any tool or technique used by website owners to drive traffic to their website. Once put in place, the webmaster can expect to get a steady stream of site visitors without them putting in more work.

When it comes to generating the most number of traffic to one’s site, many newbie webmasters seek the easiest and cheapest way of generating targeted traffic. However, there’s no one particular method that can guarantee you the numbers. You need to diversify your methods and utilize as many website traffic generators that support your online marketing goal.

Some of the marketing strategies that work best as website traffic generators include:

• Search engine optimization
• Link building
• Social media marketing
• Sitemap
• Blogging
• Directory submission
• Press release

SEO as Site Traffic Generator

SEO is the most crucial method for connecting with your target audience. That’s because majority of Internet users go to search engines if they need to look for something on the web. To locate information among the billions of pages published on the web, Internet users use keywords. If a website or web page has those keywords, there site has the chance of connecting with the seeker. Thus it is important to research target keywords around which to build your SEO strategies.

While SEO should stand as your basic website traffic generator, your efforts should go beyond publishing hundreds of keyword-rich content. You need to plant backlinks around, tons of them. The bigger the net you spread around, the more fish you may haul in. Another key point is to plant backlinks in reputable and relevant sites only. Avoid dealing with link farms, too, if you don’t want to be penalized by search engines.

Website Traffic Generator Software

As mentioned earlier, there’s no existing auto-pilot traffic generator software that automatically brings you visitors per se. What we have on the market are applications that automatically perform traditional tasks designed to drive targeted traffic to your site, such as article generation software. The quality of material produced by such software is very poor and spammy, putting you at risk for penalization by search engines. This is something you should remember when deciding whether to use a website traffic generator software or not.

A final note: there are no shortcuts to success. A website traffic generator software may reduce the labor involved in doing marketing tasks, but they do not guarantee results. Hard work is what will get you results.