Website Traffic Statistics

So you’ve just launched your own website, what now? To enjoy a lucrative venture through something personal like a website, one must put in the time, effort, and knowhow to ensure that things will go as planned.

If you already got the content and look of your website down pat, it’s time for you to analyze and be mindful of your Website Traffic Statistics. Now, ‘what’s that’ you ask? And why should these concern you?

For someone who has a website, especially one that is for profit, having the ability to analyze Website Traffic Statistics can very well guide you in improving the quality of your content and boosting daily traffic to your website.

The quickest way for you to get your hands on website traffic data is to get it from your web hosting company. Unfortunately, that’s not all you should do, the dilemma now lies on you being able to learn how to analyze these information correctly.

But don’t worry, analyzing Website Traffic Statistics may sound complicated but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite easy, so let’s start with the basics, shall we?

The most important data that you should take note of is the number of visitors that you get for your website on a daily, weekly, as well as on a monthly basis. These Website Traffic Statistics are highly important for you to figure out how popular or unpopular your website actually is. While numbers equate to number of hits, it does not necessarily translate to sales opportunities. Website hits aren’t the best way to analyze your Website Traffic Statistics as it is not exactly reliable in terms of being a qualitative basis.

Now what is the next thing that you should keep a look out for? Well its how much time your visitors are actually spending on your website. While great SEO or link building may have lured some visitors to your website, what’s more important is how much time they actually spent on your website. Did they stay for a minute? An hour? Or three hours? This is what you have to check and if they ended up just giving your website a minute of their time, then you should start rethinking your website content.

Opt for a more targeted approach to keeping your website interesting to visitors, depending on the amount of time that they spend on your website, you can also gauge if the actual content on your website generates interest or not.

While unique visits are always welcome when it comes to Website Traffic Statistics, what you need to understand is what kind of visitors do these unique visits actually represent? There are times when visitors just happen to have chanced upon your website only to end up clicking the “X” button in less than a minute because they are not the right audience for your website. Double check the keywords that you use to increase traffic to your website, and do see to it that it’s appropriate to what your website has to offer, and is not in any way, misleading to visitors.

In the end it all boils down to knowing your target market better and making the effort to customize your website to meet their specific needs and interests, so you better keep track of your Website Traffic Statics to ensure your website’s profitability in the long run.