Websites Visitors

Traffic can be so overhyped. There are so many guides selling “secret recipes” to novice web marketers how to increase their traffic. However, not all website visitors bring value to your site. Are you attracting the right kind of visitors to your site?

Traffic volume does not guarantee financial success. It’s the quality and type of traffic that counts. You may get a million visitors each month, but if it’s the wrong type of traffic, you won’t make any money. If you are going to buy traffic, it is important to ask the vendor the kind of traffic they are going to provide.

Depending on the kind of website you have, you may want to focus on any of the following types of website visitors:

• Search engine traffic. Visitors who reach a via search engine query are best for sites that earn money through advertising, such as AdSense and Chitika. Search engine website visitors are targeted traffic. That’s because they arrive at your site with a specific “target” – to get the answer to a question, to find information, etc. If the website has an advertisement that offers more information for the reader, there’s a good chance they will click on it. If you have a Cost Per Impression ads, you don’t even need the readers to click on the ad to earn money.

Search engine website visitors rarely stay on a website for long or do anything beyond the reading the information you are providing. Once they find the answer to their query, they leave your site.

• Direct Traffic. This refers to website visitors who type your website address directly into their browser. They may have heard your site from a friend, or they have already used your site before. They don’t go through Google or other search engine anymore to find what they’re looking for. Instead, they directly go to you! A person looking for a pair of shoes, for instance, types in or to their browser address bar.

Direct traffic is best suited for selling and affiliate sites. Of course, not everyone who arrives in a website will end up buying. Some will come just come to check out things. Nonetheless, direct traffic is the best kind of traffic a website can have.

• Referral traffic. Website visitors who reached your site by clicking on a link from another site are called referral traffic. The referring site could be another website, blog, forum, article directory. Referral traffic is more targeted than search engine traffic.

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If there’s any traffic you don’t want to focus on, it’s social bookmarking traffic. These website visitors usually stumble upon your site. For instance, your article has been voted the most interesting article on Digg. It has a very interesting title so they decided to check it out. However, they are not really searching for the information you are offering. They’re like bored couch surfers flipping channels as opposed to someone tuning in to their favorite late night show.