Why WordPress Is So Popular Among Webmasters

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WordPress has outgrown its design as a blogging platform and become one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) available online even the Buy Traffic Guide uses it. In fact, webmasters love WordPress. If you don’t know what makes WordPress the platform of choice for webmasters, here are nine reasons.

#1) Ease of Use

Some publishing platforms have been guilty of complicating things for their users and driving them away. WordPress, on the other hand, has been quite consistent with its interface and it remains one of the easiest to use. Even for a person not familiar with web designing, the interface makes it simple to create websites.

#2) User-Friendliness

One of the reasons WordPress is easy to use is because of its user-friendly design. From its interface to controls, the design of the platform is user-friendly and at no point will you feel overwhelmed or lost. You don’t have to be an experienced web developer to use WordPress, which isn’t the case with its competitors, Joomla in particular.

#3) Affordability

Price is a serious concern for small businesses and startups, but you don’t have to worry about affordability as far as WordPress is concerned. WordPress offers a wider range of features as compared to the average publishing platform. Yet the pricing for it remains strictly in the ‘affordable’ range. Webmasters who have to stick to a budget can easily set up their website using WordPress and run it without hassle.

#4) Endless Customization Options

There are virtually endless customization options available to you through WordPress. There are hundreds and thousands of themes for you to choose from. Moreover, you get to choose the layout, colors, background image and other important design components. In other words, WordPress provides you complete control over how your website appears when you are working. Plus, the wide range of themes on offer ensures that you can find one that suits your niche perfectly.

#5) Automation

The aim of WordPress is to make things easier for their users and automation helps achieve that goal. For instance, WordPress submits the sitemap of your website to Google on your behalf. Also, the CMS adds backup plugins if necessary. So you don’t have to be familiar with the intricacies of programming languages to publish your site on WordPress.

#6) SEO-Friendly

WordPress has all the features you require to make your website Google-friendly. Today, you cannot run a website successfully without optimizing it for the leading search engines. The way your website is designed on WordPress ensures that you don’t have a hard time getting your website to the top of rankings.

#7) Great User Experience

Websites designed on WordPress load quickly. On average, a person waits two seconds for a website to load before clicking away. By publishing your website on WordPress, you ensure that the visitors stick around. Therefore you get the chance to convert them into customers.

#8) Open Source Resources

WordPress is an open source platform, which is the reason why there are so many resources for you to tap into. Users keep submitting more items that can be used in your website. Also, you get a host of tools that are compatible with Linux in addition to features that are perfect for e-commerce businesses.

#9) Support

Finally, WordPress offers constant support to its users. You have the option to Google any problem you are facing through the interface. Plus, there are forums where the common issues faced by WordPress users are discussed.

All these features make WordPress the best publishing platform available to webmasters. So if you haven’t used this platform yet, it’s about that you do so.